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Sending Messages using Sessions

The tag reader console application can now be modified to create a unique order ID for the RFID tag reads in the order and set the SessionId property of the messages accordingly.


// Create a unique OrderId

string orderId = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();

Console.WriteLine("OrderId: {0}", orderId);


while (position < 10)


    // Create a new brokered message from the order item RFID tag.

    BrokeredMessage tagRead = new BrokeredMessage(orderItems[position]);


    // Set the SessionId of the message to the OrderId

    tagRead.SessionId = orderId;


    // Set the Message Id to the ID of the RFID tag.

    tagRead.MessageId = orderItems[position].TagId;


    // Send the message


    Console.WriteLine("Sent: {0}", orderItems[position].Product);


    // Randomly cause a duplicate message to be sent.

    if (random.NextDouble() > 0.4) position++;







Setting the SessionId property is a requirement for sending messages to a queue that requires sessions, and the value used for SessionId must be unique amongst all active sessions.

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